About Me

Hi, my name is Jeff Cocking

I would love to give myself a title, but I haven’t found one yet.  I have managed marketing, IT organizations, product development, digital agencies, consulting organizations, and operations. I create movement. I make stuff happen. If you are looking for a business savvy strategic technologist who is comfortable in marketing, product development, sales and operations, give me a holler.

Texas and Chocolate, What a wonderful combo by My Chocolate Secrets.

Texas and Chocolate, What a wonderful combo by My Chocolate Secrets.

Quick Facts About Me

  • I am a dual citizen of the United States and Texas.
  • Being weird is a competitive advantage.
  • I have never met a chocolate product I did not like.
  • Life is about relationships.
  • I have traveled to 37 of the 50 states.
  • Always on the look out for crepes, coconut cream pie and ice cream shops.

Different Lenses

Everyday the emphasis of using technology increases.  Today’s technologist need to have a broad voice in any organization for success.  If a company uses the technology, I have probably manged it or implemented it.  See my resume for more details.

1988 BMW 635csiAutoista:
 An autoista is an avid follower of automobiles.  I like cars. I blame my father as he almost missed my birth because he was racing Triumphs.  One of the cars I miss is my 1988 BMW 635csi.  It met an untimely death due to a multi-car collision. It was replaced with a 2001 Ford F-250 Crew Cab.  Remember, I’m a Texan.  We switch from BMWs to Trucks and move up in social status.

Strategist: I believe in thinking conceptually and creating something from nothing. Having the ability to make decisions based on incomplete information. Taking intellectual leaps of faith with confidence.  I admit, I do get bored by what is and prefer to focus on what could be.  Have Whiteboard, Will Travel.

Coach: I enjoy working with people helping them improve relationships, develop their full potential and increase their effectiveness.  I am comfortable in various coaching scenarios from one-on-one to group settings.


Dilbert Leadership ComicLeader:
I believe in servant leadership. I focus on the growth and well-being of people and their communities. A leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. When the team succeeds, the leader is successful.

City of AllenCitizen:  I believe one should be active in your community.  I am a US citizen by birth.
I am a naturalized Texas citizen as defined by the Texas Constitution of 1836.  I am active in my community and am currently the Chairmain for the City of Allen‘s Planning & Zoning Commission.

The Cocking KidsFather: I am the father of three inspiring young adults.  Christina is a L2 at Physical Therapy school at University of Incarnate Word.  Jonathan is a Customer Service Manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Daniel is a Junior at Allen High School.  He is learning how to drive and balance life, school and work.

I am married to Kimberly.  She rocks.  She is one of the most patient, wonderful, nurturing, insightful, gentle, perceptive, empathetic, protective, caring, lovely, intelligent, fair minded, beautiful, dog lover, smart, thoughtful and good listener.  I am sure I have left something out, but nothing comes to mind.  My life has been better for her presence.

Christian: Love God.  Love People.  Christianity in four words.  For the longer version, I am a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ.  I believe in the Bible.  I believe in the concept of imperfect progress.