Representative Projects

Idea Integration Representative Projects

Developed an integrated solution for nonstop open highway Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM).  The organization was historically a hardware supplier and wanted to provide a fully integrated ETTM solution.  We architect a solution that would address the real-time collection of data from in-lane devices, information relay to a central storage location and compilation into transaction details for customer billing

Managed the creation and implementation of an online presence for a leading home security monitoring company.  The web environment was integrated with back end systems allowing customer complete access and management of home security devices.  The service allowed customers to manage and monitor the system from remote locations.  Additionally, the website focused on sales and customer retention.

Developed an e-learning management portal for a large curriculum management consulting organization.  Curriculum management and mapping to regulatory mandates has increased over the years.  The website and application allowed the creation of and cross mapping of lessons and curriculum to regulatory requirements.  Product was rolled out to over 500 school districts.

Planned and managed numerous projects for various clients. These projects included:

  • Implementation of a water billing system for a large North Texas City.
  • Implementation of Parks and Recreation management systems for a large North Texas County.
  • Development of an IT strategy for a large North Texas City.
  • Development of an IT strategy for a medium sized North Texas City.

MarchFIRST (USWeb/CKS) Representative Projects






First Consulting Representative Projects

Assessed overall information technology capabilities of Integrated Delivery Networks (Hospital chains). The projects included assessments, project definition, prioritization, and project management of identified projects.

Project Manager for the technical strategy and implementation approach for the merger of two Integrated Delivery Networks.  The project included a review of delivery capabilities, and an organizational assessment of IT organizations. The project deliverables included the design of an integrated strategic, technical, and organizational approach for the combined companies.

Developed business plans for facility based outsourcing of hospital systems. Plan included implementation approaches, targeted markets, financial requirements and expected ROI.

Accenture Representative Projects

Developed the business model for a client/server outsourcing venture. The model included market analysis, resource requirements, financial impact, service approaches, and suggested strategic partnership.

Participated in the development and implementation of a client/server management model for Andersen Consulting. The client/server management model was developed to provide consistent, manageable and benchmarkable services within a client/server environment.

Developed the internet strategy for a large purchasing organization. Reviewed business objectives and customer requirements to develop electronic commerce directions. Organized and negotiated with vendors on the development and roll-out of the internet strategy. Required the development a large scale virtual private network (VPN) comprising of 3000 locations across the United States.

Project Manager for the reengineering effort of the back office areas (accounting and human resources) and the information technology functions of a $180M food processing organization. The effort was able to achieve a 40% reduction in expenses with a 13-month ROI.

Provided leadership in transforming an existing legacy system organization to a client server environment for a $150M manufacturing organization. Ensured a smooth transition by reengineering existing process and procedures to accommodate the new distributed computing environment. This included reviewing the data center design, organizational assessments, skill assessments, training development, and management of the new organization. The environment was converted from a DOS/VSE and AS400 to a Unix based systems for the implementation of PeopleSoft.

Led the project for the development of an in-house customer support organization for a Regional Bell Company. The customer support organization was designed to be responsible for the relationship management between the IT organizations (3000 employees) and the internal user community (100,000 customers). The process involved creating the support organization, staffing requirements, and assisting the new organization with strategic and tactical planning and implementation.

Project Manager for the technical strategy and implementation approach for a new business acquisition. The project included a strategic review, review of delivery capabilities, and an organizational assessment of each companies IT organizations. The project deliverables included the design of an integrated strategic, technical, and organizational approach for the combined companies. Environment consisted of IBM mainframe, DEC VAX, AS400, Sun, and various client/server based applications.

Managed the replanning effort of a client/server development project for a major insurer. The work involved determining current state of development, determining development direction, and estimating work to be completed, and reassessing the business case. The effort included restarting the project with new and existing staff and transferring project management to client personnel. Application was a Visual Basic, C++ with Sybase RDBM running on Windows 95 clients with HP-UX server.

Project Manager for the evaluation of workflow technology for Accenture. The objective of the project was to determine best of breed in the transaction/process workflow management market for developing vendor alliances. Fifty workflow products were evaluated.

Project Manager for the consolidation of applications and supporting systems for multiple Fortune 500 clients. Projects required implementing new environment, system and application testing, and final consolidation.

Assessed the overall performance and cost effectiveness of data center operations, legacy and distributed, for multiple Fortune 500 clients. The projects involved assessing the client environment, identifying process deficiencies and organizational problems, and designing new methods to overcome deficiencies to achieve business requirements.

Planned and managed numerous projects for various Fortune 500 clients within legacy and distributed environments. These projects included:

  • Planning and implementation of operating system and application upgrades
  • Development and implementation of technical training programs
  • Development of User Guides and Data Center Policies and Procedures
  • Development and implementation of Project Methodologies and Approaches
  • Planning, design and implementation of Customer Support Centers/Help Desks
  • Development of Standard Service Levels and Performance Measurements