• Life Choices: Love or Fear

    In life, you are either responding in love or reacting out of fear. There is no in between.

    January 23, 2022
  • Wordle: Recommended Words to Win

    Wordle is a new word game that is the current viral sensation. Wordle is a mashup of MasterMind and word unscramble. The game combines letter position strategy and five-letter word knowledge. The Wordle player has six chances to guess the correct five-letter word. The program will tell you which letters you’ve guessed correctly and whether…

    January 23, 2022
  • Tips To Declutter And Clean Your Stand-up Desk

    My stand-up desk is a catch-all. It is a quick and easy place to place things. I know I need to get to it, so it goes on the desk. And then the piles begin to grow. It is like an archaeology dig of procrastination as I look at the piles—all the things and stuff…

    January 4, 2022

  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

    I am starting a journey to declutter my life. From the physical world to the emotional world; and everything in between. The journey will start in the physical universe. What can I declutter or simplify in physical space? We will work on specific areas within the house. The next step on the journey will include…

    January 2, 2022
  • phpBB Extension Version Control

    When you are developing an extension for phpBB, you will have to setup your own version control. Once an extension has been approved for the customization database, phpBB will handle the version control. To manage the version control require changes to your composer.json file and the creation of a version xml file. The version xml…

    October 5, 2016
  • Official Retirement Ceremony of the Texas Flag

    As a member of a commission for the City of Allen, I am required to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag.  This had me thinking.. (I know this is dangerous ground.)  Do we have a Texas Flag Allegiance.  Well of course we do. The Texas Pledge of Allegiance can be found in Texas…

    April 21, 2015
  • Allen Citizen Fire Academy – Extrication Night

    What started out as a simple car wreck at the beginning of the night, ended up as a car with no windows, doors, roof or B pillars. Extrication Night or how do you remove an injured person from a damaged car. I called it, Wow, this is a lot of fun chopping a car into pieces. 

    March 30, 2015
  • Apache Solr 5.0 Install on Centos 7

    Solr5.0 has been recently released with several new features. One of these is a service install to use with Redhat based Linux systems.  This install will walk you through an install and create two example cores to test with. Many of the Solr install instructions include the installation of Tomcat.  This is not required. Solr…

    March 30, 2015
  • Texas A&M GeoServices

    If you need to convert addresses from postal to latitude and longitude, I would suggest looking into Texas A&M Geo Services.  If you have a need for these type of services, please consider Geo-stuff provided by Texas A&M University GeoServices. I am using the service to map voting history to changes in geography. By having…

    March 27, 2015
  • Allen Citizen’s Fire Academy – Bunker Gear Night

    It was bunker gear night.  Bunker gear is the system of outer protective clothing for firefighters.  “Bunker Gear” is derived from the fact that the trousers and boots are traditionally kept by the firefighter’s bunk at the fire station to be readily available for use.  We were outfitted with the complete set of Trousers, Coat,…

    March 23, 2015