Silence Your Biggest Critic – Yourself!

Criticizing yourself, beating yourself up, feeling sorry for yourself and disappointing yourself is not the best way to motive change.  Feedback is critical for a person’s success, but negative feedback is demoralizing and defeating.

We all need to have validation in our life.  Validation is critical to our development as human beings. Criticism is a form of invalidation.  Self-criticism is devastating.  Self-criticism hurts us mentally, spiritually and physically.

Let us get started on a few tips and techniques on how to move from negative feedback to positive feedback.  Yes, with others and yourself.

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I Have No Plan

I joke with my sons about this saying.  They both have elaborate zombie apocalypse plans.  I have learned about zombies by listening to their plans.

Zombies are pretty simple creatures.  A zombie is bereft of consciousness and self-awareness.  They eat and walk around.  People, who are not zombies, try to avoid them. Any resemblance to your place of work is purely coincidental.

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Increase Your Margin

In college, we all increased our margins. Word processing tools had a really cool feature. You could increase your margins from one inch to one and half inches. A four page paper instantly became five pages.

We focused on the length of the paper, instead of the content of the paper.  We spent times working the system, instead of developing the skills we needed.

In life, we have a tendency to focus on the wrong margins. For many, margin is defined as the difference between income and costs. We focus all of our energy and time on increasing our margins. The challenge, is I have never seen a tombstone with a balance sheet.

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