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The Most Powerful Statement in the World

August 16, 2013

This is most powerful statement in the world.

How would your life be different if you were told this everyday by your parents?  Growing up where love existed and was not dependent on your actions or results.  Having the ability to make choices.  Having the ability to fail and knowing you were still loved.

How would your relationship with your spouse be different if you heard these words?  What would your relationship be like if your spouse never tried to change you, control you or manipulate you.  Where you were accepted for who you are and not what the other person wants you to be.

This statement is about unconditional love.

What does this mean to the person who says these words?  To say these these words takes courage.  It removes control and expectations from the relationship.  It provides acceptance no matter the actions.  As difficult as these words can be to say, the follow through is that much harder.  These words create an expectation of unconditional love. You will do more damage to your relationships if you say them and do not follow through. Check your actions.  Do your actions align with this statement?

What does it mean to the person who hears these words?  Freedom, to grow as a person. Forgiveness when I make mistakes.  It is a safety net. It allows me to be me.  While these words creates an environment of freedom, they does not create an environment of liberty.

Liberty says I can do what ever I want and not worry about my relationships.  Liberty says I am focused on my self and will stand alone.  An attitude of liberty is damaging to relationships.    Freedom says I can live in a world without undue restrictions.  I have the freedom to develop as a person without another person trying to manage, control or manipulate me.

Who in your life do you need to say these words?  Where have you created conditional love? Do your children feel the need to produce results to receive love and affection?  Is your spouse afraid to be open and honest with you.  Have you created safety zones where people can be free?

Find the person you consider to be your most important relationship and begin living and saying these words.  I Love You for Who You Are and Not for What Your Do.

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