Allen in 2030

September 4, 2013

One of the reason Allen is recognized as a one of the Top 10 Communities to live in is the Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is the road map which establishes the goals and direction of the city for the next 15 years.

The city of Allen is updating the Comprehensive Plan.  Most importantly, we need all citizens to provide input.  Please invest time in our city and go to and provide input.  Your comments and opinions are critical to the city’s growth and direction.

My wife and I moved to Allen in 1984 when the population of Allen was about 8,500 people.  The city has changed as it has grown to over 90,000 people living in Allen.

Back in 1984, some of the things we remember are:

  • No traffic lights.  Yep, all we had was a blinky light at Main and Greenville.
  • Driving thru downtown.  Everyone had to drive thru downtown area to travel from Central to Allen.  (yes, there was no East/West.  Allen only existed east of Central.)
  • Counting Police Cars.  At that time, the police station was in a small building in downtown.  We used to count the police cars at the station.  This let us know if there were any officers on patrol or if you could speed up a little bit.

Things have changed a little bit over the years.  What has not changed is the pride and commitment to the city by its citizens.  Go Eagles.

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