Constitution Day

September 17, 2013

Today is the 226th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.  The Constitution is the official contract between the citizens of the United States.  The Federal Government, Executive, Legislative and Judical Branches are not legal parties of the Constitutional Contract.  The Constitutional contract defined how the Federal Government was to be structured.  The Constitution is the contract in which government is given the authority to operate.  No one can change the contract without express written permission by the contracted parties.  We the People are the contracted parties.

The Constitution is a social contract, an agreement by individuals to create a society where they can live together, mutually benefiting each other. The contract recognizes the conditions of the society, natural rights, functions of the government, and the pooling of powers for the purpose of protecting the society.

The Federal Government does not have the authority to interpret the contract.  The Federal Government was established by the Constitution. Only “We The People” can interpret the contract.

Please take time to read your contract, The U.S. Constitution.  I think you would be surprised to see how much it has been changed by our government without your permission.

A special shout out to Great, Great, Great,….Grandpa Livingston for signing the contract and your brother Phillip for writing the Deceleration of Independence.  We will not let your work be in vain.



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