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The Friendship Algorithm

October 2, 2013

Friends. We all need them. They are critical to navigate and be effective in life. The challenge is over time, we begin to see our friends reduce in number. What can we do?

Lucky for you, Sheldon Cooper of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory solved the issue.

Now, Sheldon Cooper is not the person who has a large number of friends. His egocentric nature, controlling methods and lack of social skills quickly alienate most people.  Yes, Sheldon realizes the importance of friends. He is trying to make new friends.

When was the last time you made a new friend. Not an acquaintance or work friend, but someone really close. If it has been awhile, it is time to make a new friend.

I know it is scary. What if they reject me? This is where the Friendship Algorithm comes in. The algorithm is pictured above, but we have also included the video clip of it in action so you can learn from a real life case study.

Just follow the algorithm. Contact an acquaintance and suggest getting together for a meal.  If they decline, suggest coffee. If they decline invite them to an activity you have interest in. If they decline, thank them for their time and move to the next person. It is really very simple.

Most people are in the same category you are in. They haven’t made new friends in years. It will be award. It will be challenging, but the reward is amazing.

Here is the Friendship Algorithm for enlarged viewing:

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