America Held Hostage – Day 15

October 15, 2013

The current government shut down has nothing to do with the Affordable Healthcare Act. It has everything to do with Constitutional Division of Powers.

According to the Constitution, spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives decides on whether we should spend money on a particular government activity. The Senate is responsible for Authorizing the money to be spent.

This is a checks and balance built into our Constitution. It requires the House of Representatives to fund a government activity. It requires the Senate to Authorize the spending of money.

If both houses do not agree on a topic, then the item becomes defunded. Throughout history, many government activities become defunded activities. The activity can be approved and the law of the land, but if it has no money, it becomes a defunded government initiative.

This prevents either the Senate or the House of Representatives from having too much power. It creates a balance of power.

So Where is the logjam in the Federal Government Shutdown. The House of Representatives has approved a funding bill. That funding bill would keep the government running. The issue is the funding bill does not include the The Affordable Healthcare Act. The Senate has indicated that it will not authorize the funds to be spent until the funding includes The Affordable Healthcare Act.

The Senate could approve the funding act today and get the government back to work. The Senate has refused the funding approved by the House of Representatives.

This is a Constitutional Power issue. The Senate and the President are telling the House of Representatives what to do. The Senate and the President are holding America hostage trying to force the House of Representatives what to do.

I am tired of being a hostage because the Senate and the President are trying to control the House of Representatives.  Our elected officials can have all the power games you want, but quit impacting the citizens.

Senator Harry Reid could you just authorize the funding of America and quit crippling the Country.

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